We are so excited to be starting this new venture. At age 19 or 20, I started my first business. I ultimately wanted to go to law school and at the time (many years ago) they did not have part-time programs. Most if not all law schools required that you not work for at least the first year of classes as the courses were very difficult and needed all of a person’s attention. As time went on I got married and had children.  I worked on my bachelor’s degree with the intention of building a business that I could run part-time with workers doing most of the day-to-day work so I could go to law school and still provide for my family.

To make a long story short, I went on to get my MBA focusing on creating businesses and helping others with their endeavors. I divorced and married again. I bought, sold, and gave away businesses throughout this time. Even though I enjoyed small business and what I was doing with women business owners throughout the U.S., I still felt a desire to go to law school. However, my reasons had changed. Originally, I wanted to put away the bad guys and make the world safer. Throughout my years in business I continued to run into small business owners that loved their businesses but didn’t necessarily understand their business. I enjoyed giving guidance and support to business owners , but I felt it was important to gain the legal knowledge.

In 2012, I stopped all business activities and focused on my legal education full-time. So many small business owners start their businesses out of desire, or passion, or necessity. Unfortunately, many do not understand or know what they need to do to be successful. In 2016, I graduated from law school with new-found knowledge to help my fellow small business owners succeed in business today.

While attending law school, I had the pleasure of studying with many very smart and interesting individuals. I enjoyed mediation seminar and felt that it was a great alternative to litigation. I believe that many individuals in our society have disagreements, whether those disagreements are in their personal or business life. I also believe that many of those problems can be resolved without suing the other party. Mediation allows people with a disagreement to come together and work the matter out without going to court. It promotes communication and continued relationships. I feel that mediation is a very important tool for business owners. Additionally, mediation is an important alternative to families in general that are needing dispute resolution.

Hence, how we got to where we are now. I am so blessed to have work with small business owners throughout the years. I feel the need to continue helping others on their personal and business matters.

Much success to you,


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