How Much Does Mediation Cost?


The cost of mediation varies by the amount of time required to resolve a dispute. Civil (business) and family (family, divorce, probate) mediation require different processes and use different procedures.

We provide mediation services to small businesses and individuals within our community. Prices and processes vary by location and mediator throughout the United States. Be sure to contact a mediator in your area for specific details.

At Liberty-Ellington Mediation, civil mediation usually entails one full-day session (6 hour mediation session with approximately 45 mins. for lunch). Commonly, civil mediation (business) involves one or two specific issues. The parties are often familiar with the process and have legal counsel present to protect their rights.

Family mediation includes family disputes, divorce, and probate issues. This process often requires several shorter sessions over a longer period of time.  Individuals may participate with or without counsel present. We recommend that each party consult an attorney before a final agreement is reached. These mediation sessions are scheduled in half-day blocks (3 hour mediation sessions) or full-day blocks (6 hour mediation session with approximately 45 mins. for lunch).  Depending on the parties, approximately one to four sessions are necessary due to the various components of a potential resolution.

Ultimately, our goal is to resolve the dispute. However, successful mediation in a timely manner depends a lot on the parties’ efforts to resolve the issues, coming to mediation prepared, and willingness to work together.

Divorce Mediation $500-$5000 approximately

Civil Mediation $800-$3000 approximately

Small Business Mediation $500-3000 approximately

Neighbor and Landlord/Tenant Mediation $300-1200 approximately

We serve Russellville, Dardanelle, Danville, Clarksville, and Morrillton, Arkansas. Please call to inquire about our ability to travel to other locales.

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