3 Fun Home-Based Business Ideas

Looking for a business that you will enjoy? There’s nothing wrong with having a fun business. After all, having a fun business you don’t even know your working. Today we have 3 business ideas full of fun. Being a dance coach, providing bartending services, or making crafts may just be your next business venture.

Dance/Gymnastics/Cheer Coach

What the Business Does: Provides dance and/or cheerleading instructions to groups of girls at schools, churches, camps, or parks. This line of work caters to children and requires a lot of evening work to accommodate for children being in school. A dance coach can teach a particular area of expertise or hire others to help with other forms of dance. It may be ideal to set up shop in various places throughout the town to give yourself a full-time schedule each week.

Startup Costs: $300-$1000

Earning Potential: $10,000-$40,000

What to Charge: $20-25 per student, per session; or $50 per 4 week class; family or multiple dance genre discount

Equipment Needed: For the super low start-up option, teach classes at a local day care, boys and girls club, school or church; other equipment- computer, music, and phone

How you find clients: local paper, community billboards, flyers, newspaper, yellow pages

Skills Needed: dance/gymnastics/cheerleading experience. You don’t have to be a professional dancer to teach basic classes.

Time to Start Earning: 1 to 3 weeks

Home-based business: yes

Cons: When kids are out of school during the summer, many do not enroll in classes. Either take your vacation then or find another area like two-week summer day camp sessions. Parents do not want to commit to come for whole months when they know they will be taking vacations, etc.

Additional Staff: none needed; potential to add other individuals to teach areas of dance you don’t want to.

Other Costs: liability insurance, ongoing advertising

Setting Yourself Apart: great technique, show your love of the children, offer ways for the children to show off the skills they have learned with community parades, recitals, fairs, etc.

Additional Services: Start with one area and expand to tumbling, cheerleading, modeling, make-up classes, and mommy and me classes to fill in the hours that kids are in school.

Bartending Service

What the Business Does: A bartender serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic to guests at events such as meetings, parties, and weddings. Bartenders can provide a service to people that purchase the drinks or provide the drinks as well. They usually work for an hourly rate. It is recommended to look at your state’s regulations. Some locales require a food handler’s license or training.

Startup Costs: $200-$500

Earning Potential: $7,000-$15,000

What to Charge: $20-35 per hour or a flat rate per event

Equipment Needed: phone for scheduling; none (client provides all beverages and serving equipment); optional, you can provide drinks, supplies, and serving glasses

How you find clients: newspaper ads, bulletin boards, network with wedding services

Skills Needed: You must be 21 to serve and obtain a servers license; knowledge of drinks; great customer service skills; many states require food/service certification

Time to Start Earning:  2 to 4 weeks

Home-based business: yes

Cons: You’ll be standing on your feet for long periods of time and dealing with intoxicated individuals.

Additional Staff: not necessary; additional servers for walk-around service or larger events is possible

Other Costs: uniform, dress shirt, mileage and travel expenses

Setting Yourself Apart: offer great service, dress up or create a persona

Additional Services: event catering, event cleaning, or extra hands for big events

Craft Maker

What the Business Does: This is another home-based business idea for people who work with their hands. You can use metal, plywood, or other multi media to create your items. Have you ever driven down the road and seen flags and signs with a cowboy or greeting on them? Look through the latest home décor magazines or specialize in custom name signs. The possibilities are endless. Take a trip to Hobby Lobby and you will see that there are many different ideas. Pick a niche and build a name for yourself.

Startup Costs: $200-$800; depending in what type of items you wish to start with. You can always start with low-cost items and work your way up.

Earning Potential: $30,000-$60,000

What to Charge: Prices vary; be sure you are accounting for all your expenses and time.

Equipment Needed: area to make your items and keep them clean until they sell; possibly a computer for online sales. If you are doing local craft fairs, etc. you will need a table and chairs or eventually a decorated booth.

How you find clients: Etsy, Pinterest, local craft shows and bazaars

Skills Needed: Ability to make a quality product. Skills vary. But be sure the product is in good condition or it will be difficult to have return customers.

Time to Start Earning: 3 to 4 weeks

Home-based business: yes

Cons: Unhappy customers will want their money back; you may have to foot the bill for returned items.

Additional Staff: as you get busy or during holidays you may want to employ additional staff members

Other Costs: insurance; shipping, boxes; storage

Setting Yourself Apart: provide quality items similar to store bought things. If they are not identical, make sure you make custom items. People want consistency each time they purchase.

Additional Services: teach craft classes; provide different lines of crafts; seasonal items

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