Being More Flexible and Adaptable in 2017!

We are in the midst of 2017 resolutions for the new year. Everyone things for the old go-to resolutions of losing weight or eating better.  Why not resolve to live a more flexible, less-stressful life?

Have you ever made a plan and had things go terribly off track? Things just don’t go your way, or you don’t accomplish the goal you had set for yourself? Okay, so those are ridiculous questions. Everyone, at some time or another have had thing not go their way. Research shows that being more flexible and adaptable makes for a calmer, more enjoyable life. After all, we each only have one life to live.

Our lives are filled with things we can argue about or fight over. We can be angry at the cable repair man for not showing up on time, or the doctor’s office for not having an appointment slot for three months. However, what is the purpose? Being angry is not going to make him show up any earlier. or have the doctor’s schedule simply open up for your choice of convenient appointments.

Look at daily life and think of ways that you can be more flexible. Flexibility leads to more relaxation, less stress, and a more empowering existence.

According to an article by Megan Coatley, Behavior Expert, 6 Ways to Maintain Your Mental Flexibility, being inflexible is a behavior learned over a long period of time. You may look at being inflexible as standing your ground or a tactic for winning.  In the business arena, inflexibility may be a negotiating strategy. Unfortunately, not all situations can be won or work well in the face of inflexibility.

Practice flexibility by looking for areas in your life to compromise. Many things will be okay even if you do not win or get your way. Ultimately, other people are interested in working with and being around people they enjoy! A life with more flexibility and adaptability to changing events leads to a more- fulfilled, less-stressed life. Remember, you only get to do it once, you might as well enjoy it!


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