Brainstorming Your Business Idea

Brainstorming Worksheet example

If you’ve looked around at business websites or books at your local bookstore, you probably have heard about the
importance of a business plan. Except for a very few business experts, most individuals that have spent any time in the industry of business start-ups and entrepreneurship scream the importance of a business plan for new start-ups. I am among the many that feel a business plan is essential to future success. If not for its way of predicting the exact path you will take, a business plan is essential for the brainstorming process. Taking the time to work through the ideas in your head and get them into concrete elements on paper allows you to evaluate each part of your meetingupcoming business.

Here, we are using brainstorming to determine the business we want to start. Our Brainstorming Worksheet shows larger circles in which to put your potential businesses. Use the smaller attached circles to write down reasons why you think that business is the one for you. Additionally, you could attach bright boxes to distinguish negatives of embarking on that type of business.

In our example worksheet, we have a landscaping business with elements a potential owner feels are essential to enjoying their business. Individuals can use various elements such as home-based, no employees needed, or no contact with customers as important elements. Additionally, an individual that is more flexible about the type of business they wish to embark but knows they must have a business that meets another one of their needs can use the worksheet starting with that element. For example, no customer contact may be essential. Start with this element and look at potential businesses that fit your needs.

This process can be as in depth or as quick as you need it to be. If you have already decided on a type of business, the brainstorming exercise can be used to map out other things about your upcoming endeavor.

Brainstorming Worksheet

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