22 Great Tips To Spring Cleaning Your Office

1. Divide your workspace into zones.clean office

2. Throw away old magazines.

3. Set a day to clean the break room.

4. Streamline your desktop icons.

5. Designate a basket for short-term storage.

6. Disinfect surfaces.

7. Backup hard drives.

8. Put up hooks to hang jackets.

9. Create a daily system for documents.

10. Shred old files.

11. Throw out manuals you can find online.

12. Scan large manuals into the computer.

13. Clean the coffee maker.

14. Get rid of unused programs.

15.  Save important e-mails.

16. Clean computer keyboard.

17. Sort out the catchall drawer.

18. Donate never used office supplies.

19. Change passwords.

20. Reorganize files.

21. Delete unneeded e-mails.

22. Create better processes.

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