Why I love Super Small Business and Law?

lyngradHey ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our (my) website and blog. I say our because there are many individuals, who, without them I would not be able to do what I do. Although I’m the person you will talk to, work with, and share your story, I have a team of people that I work with that help me accomplish all I can.

I started in small business over 20 years ago. As a child I wanted to be a business owner and a lawyer. Both of my grandfathers were business owners. The idea behind small business was that it didn’t matter where you came from. If you worked hard, you could be and do anything you wanted.

To make a long story short, I started my first official business at 19 or 20. I had customers waiting before I even had a business license. I wanted to be a lawyer to fight for all the people that couldn’t get child support (but that’s a own other story).


Fast forward several years, I went on to get my bachelor’s degree. For some reason I was terrified to take the LSAT (the Law School entrance exam). I went on to get my MBA. Not only because I enjoyed learning about business, but as a way to avoid taking the LSAT.

In those days, you couldn’t go to law school part-time, so I looked at my first businesses as a way to provide income for me (and my kids) while I went to law school. Over then next several years, I remarried and moved to different locations due to my husband’s job, all-the-while not having to take the dreaded LSAT.

Over the years I had connected with many business owners, networking, mentoring and consulting on various business ideas and concepts.

Throughout my years of working with other business owners, there was a common theme of the unknown. Some started their businesses by accident. Others had no other choice. Many business owners were unaware of federal and state laws that required them to do things in a particular way.

While we were living in Texas, I signed up and took the LSAT, twice. I wanted to make sure my score was one that I would have a great chance of getting in. Next, we moved again!

After relocating to Arkansas, I was determined to apply to the nearest law school (85 miles away). I gave away or sold my businesses to others to devote all my time to law school.

There are so many things that affect small business owners in a different way. Divorce can impact a business value, Death can impact a succession planning and business longevity. And failure to follow the rules and laws in place can open a business to liability that can financially devastate and ruin an organization.

Don’t get me wrong, when someone calls that is not a business owner, I am willing to help them as well. However, many topics must be approached differently when you are a business owner. Sometimes the rules are different as in, wills and trusts, or taxes. Other times, you have more riding on the decisions you make. What may seem like a simple, honest mistake, for example, lack of an employee manual, or failing to provide a piece of safety equipment, can and has resulted in bankrupting a business.




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