People Plan Weddings, Not Divorces

I find this quote interesting. For this weeks Motivation During Divormotivation during divorcece, the bit of advice stems from the significant amount of time we spend getting engaged, picking out a dress, and deciding on the perfect venue and date for the wedding. I can only guess it is because we are experiencing a time of happiness and enjoyment we have waited so long to discover.

But it does make sense that as individuals, when we are faced with divorce, we should partake in the same level of planning and organizing. Although this time in our life is full of rage, frustration, and oftentimes guilt and lack of control, it only seems fitting that planning would be essential to the most positive of outcomes.

Whether you’ve been married for years or months, it is important to understand that no matter who you feel is at fault or whether things can be fixed, that you approach this time in your life as a time to think, observe, and plan. Divorce offers several scenarios and outcomes. Most important to you and your family is to prepare yourself for the coming months, and years.

Connect with a professional in your area regarding your specific family needs. Try your best to stay motivated and positive during these trying times.


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