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What is Mediation?

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Disputes between family members happen. Sometimes parties cannot resolve the problem because they are so close to the issue. Family disputes can include probate disputes, concerns with elder care, or even ongoing financial disputes.


The decision to divorce is significant and carries with it several other decisions that affect many people. Divorce Mediation can include preliminary, general issues of separation or an all-inclusive divorce settlement. While some parties need assistance resolving all disputes involved in their divorce, we offer sessions tailored to you and your family’s needs. We can focus on parenting and visitation, child custody and support, property division, retirement assets, and/or alimony issues.

Mediation offers divorcing parties the opportunity to work together to come to a resolution that satisfies all parties involved. Rarely does one party end up with a situation that is perfect for everyone. However, understanding that a judge will ultimately make the decision if the parties cannot do so on their own is a great motivator for participants to work together and determine how they will structure their future with their child.


LynMarie is also certified to provide mediation services through the Arkansas Access and Visitation Program. For families in need of assistance, Arkansas offers several alternatives. You may be eligible for the Arkansas Access & Visitation Program.

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Arkansas Access & Visitation

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