Business Mediation

What is mediation?

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Business-Related Mediation Services


When people spend long hours together in a business setting, disputes are bound to happen. Workplace disputes can result in losing good employees and even litigation. Workplace morale and productivity can be adversely affected by ongoing, unresolved disputes. Mediation offers confidential dispute resolution for issues within the workplace.

Breach of Contract

When the dispute involves a contract, one side alleges that the other party failed to adhere to the terms of the agreement. Mediation offers discrete, cost-effective dispute resolution. Through mediation the parties have an opportunity to come to an amicable agreement for both parties.


Mediation can be beneficial in situations where merchants and consumers disagree about payments for services or goods provided. Conflicts can be resolved quickly through mediation allowing long-term relationships to stay intact.


Do you have disputes over medical or credit card bills? Mediation can help parties come to a mutual understanding of the billing, reach detailed payment plans, and prevent credit reporting and/or litigation proceedings.

Small Claims

Either before or after a claim is filed, mediation can bring parties to a satisfactory resolution. Instead of a costly litigation process in court, mediation offers a confidential, swift alternative resolution to your dispute.

Community Mediation Services

Neighbor Relations

People who live close to other people occasionally encounter disputes. These disputes may include property lies, property damage, pets, maintenance, noise, or other related disputes. Mediation allows neighbors to resolve their disputes in a voluntary, economical way while still being able to co-exist in the neighborhood.


Landlord-tenant disputes usually involve non-payment of rent by the tenant or landlord’s inability to fix a premises. Oftentimes, these issues have underlying problems that need to be resolved. Mediation offers parties a private, efficient way to resolve differences and communicate with the other party. Mediation is simply a quicker, less costly alternative to litigation.

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