10 Super-Small Businesses With Moms-to-be

If you are looking for a business to share your child-rearing experiences or want to help expectant mothers, check out this list of 10 super-simple businesses where you spend your time with mothers-to-be. Child Care Referral Service Meal Preparation Service Lactation Consultant Childbirth Instructors Nutrition Consultant Midwife Parenting Specialist            … Read More 10 Super-Small Businesses With Moms-to-be

Favorite Quote: Every Business is a Family Business

One of my favorite quotes from the book E-Myth by Michael Gerber is: Every Business is a Family Business. Whether a business officially employs individuals from the family or not, the business is a family business. At some point the family members, even the individuals outside the business or not directly influencing day-to-day operations, may… Read More Favorite Quote: Every Business is a Family Business

Why should I use Divorce Mediation?

I look at mediation as a great opportunity for parents! Litigation can result in unhappy parents with an agreement one or both cannot live up to. For individuals with time constraints, changing schedules (I think this describes most people!), and other people in their lives, mediation offers divorcing spouses the opportunity to customize the plans… Read More Why should I use Divorce Mediation?