What is Micro-Entrepreneurship?

What is Micro-Entrepreneurship? According to Wikipedia.com, micro-enterprise is defined as a small business employing nine or less individuals and having a balance sheet of a certain dollar amount. Investopedia’s definition of micro-enterprise agrees that less than ten employees, but adds that the business is started with a small amount of capital. Investopia.com also adds that… Read More What is Micro-Entrepreneurship?

10 Super-Small Businesses for People with Farms

Are you looking for a super simple business idea? What about a business that allows you to use your land? Here are 10 business ideas for people in rural areas or that have land with their property. Caning Specialist Cooking Class Instructor Farmsitting Herb/Flower Grower Flowerscaper/landscaper Gardening Consultant Firewood Service Herbal/ Home Remedy Products Outdoor… Read More 10 Super-Small Businesses for People with Farms

10 Super-Small Businesses for Planners

Are you super-organized and always want to know what’s happening weeks in advance. Your skills may fit well with the following 10 business ideas for people that like to plan. Farmer’s Market Spicy Food Festival Arts and Crafts Show Bridal Show Wedding Planner Professional Office Party Planning Children’s Birthday Party Planning Family/High School Reunion Planning… Read More 10 Super-Small Businesses for Planners

10 Super-Small Businesses With Moms-to-be

If you are looking for a business to share your child-rearing experiences or want to help expectant mothers, check out this list of 10 super-simple businesses where you spend your time with mothers-to-be. Child Care Referral Service Meal Preparation Service Lactation Consultant Childbirth Instructors Nutrition Consultant Midwife Parenting Specialist            … Read More 10 Super-Small Businesses With Moms-to-be

3 Micro-Businesses for People That Like People

Today’s listing of super-small, super-simple business ideas is of 3 businesses for people that like people. If you enjoy getting out and working with others, these businesses may be for you. These businesses are very similar in their set-up, but can be very different in their application. The businesses are a beauty consultant, image, consultant, and… Read More 3 Micro-Businesses for People That Like People