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Traditionally, clients approached an attorney about a specific situation and the client retained the attorney’s services. The client deposits an amount of money into the Attorney’s trust account and as the lawyer works on the client’s case, the attorney withdraws money from the trust for payment.

If you have a legal matter but are turned off by the traditional approach, or you wish to save on fees involved, limited or “unbundled legal services” may be for you. “Unbundled legal services” is an alternative to the traditional way of billing and providing services.

Unbundled services allows the client to hire the attorney for specific tasks. The client only pays for the tasks they have asked for at a flat fee. This alternative way of providing services has many benefits. First, it allows clients to know their costs up front. Second, unbundling allows more clients access to legal solutions. However, not all situations are appropriate for “unbundled legal services”.

For example in a divorce, we can help prepare documents and provide advice, but you can appear in court on your own. Or, another example, you may have already prepared a will using self-help books or an on-line service, but wish to have the document reviewed to be sure it is in line with state law.

“Unbundled Legal Services” are similar to an a la carte menu at a restaurant. Some potential clients are looking for individual services or guidance in one aspect of their situation. Unbundled services allow clients to engage in only those services that they need.

“Unbundled Legal Services” encompasses many things from document creation or document review to preparing individuals to represent themselves in courts. Our unbundled services can include filing motions, conducting discovery, or participating in negotiations with the client.

Listed below are the areas that we offer unbundled legal services, as well as a partial list of documents we prepare for clients. If you have any questions, or don’t see something on the list, please do not hesitate to call (479)747-3693.


Areas of Unbundled Services


Affidavits Licenses
Agreements Liens
Arbitration and Mediation Limited Liability Companies
Attending Court on Behalf of Loans and Lending
Bill of Sale Marriage
Business Sales Name Change
Buy Sell Negotiations
Civil Procedure Partnerships
Cohabitation Paternity
Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Personal Planning
Contracts Power of Attorney
Corporations Preparation- Client Represent Self
Divorce Probate
Employment Promissory Notes
Family Law Releases
Franchises Secured Transactions
Garnishment Small Business
Gifts Taxes
Landlord Tenant Trusts
Leases Wills
Letters Workers Compensation


Partial List of Documents We Draft
Affidavits Independent Contractor
Buy Sell Agreement Joint Venture Agreement
Bylaws Land Installment Contract
Child Visitation Letter Lease of Personal Property
Cohabitation Agreement Letter of Intent
Commercial Lease Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Confidentiality Agreement Living Will, Living Trust
Corporate Minutes Motions/Discovery
Corporate Resolutions Name Change
Consulting Agreement Non-Profit Corporation
Contract For Sale of Real Estate Notice of Contract Default
DBA Registration Notice of Contract Termination
Deeds Office Lease
Demand for Child Support Option to Purchase
Demand for Payment Personal Financial Statement
Dissolve Corporation Petitions/Answers
Dissolve LLC Power of Attorney
Employment Agreements Premarital Agreement
Equipment Lease Promissory Notes
Foreign Corporation Registration Releases
General Waiver Residential Lease
Health Care Directive Waivers
Incorporation (S or C) Wills
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